It has been a long time…


It has been a very long time (almost 17 months) since I posted something in this blog. 2009 was a very busy year — work wise — for me, and I neglected not only this blog, but my entire site. After a few potential clients asked me for examples of my work, I noticed I hadn’t updated my portfolio in 14+ months. So, for the last few weeks I redesigned the website, updated the portfolio and finally designed the blog section to match the rest of the site.

Now that the entire site is 98% complete, I’d like to get into the habit of posting here more often — when time permits.

My goal is to actually use this blog as a resource to free up some time. To accomplish this I’ll be posting resources and how-tos from the frequently asked questions I get from new, and old, clients. I envision allot of these future posts will become a kind of “knowledge base” that I can quickly refer people to. Thus, reducing my time explaining, or compiling lists, each and every time I’m asked. For the more random stuff, like freebies that I often come across, I’ll just use Twitter. You can follow me there at:

New Phone Number

Please note MCGWD has a new phone number: 231 818-8571. To be connected for free, please use the “Call Me” button on my contact page to place the call.

Posted on February 7th, 2010 in Company Information.