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Connecting to Another MySQL Database With WordPress

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A recent project required that I access data from a separate database, in a custom WordPress page template. The data also needed to be retrieved before the opening <html> tag. By opening another database connection here, WordPress threw a fit, and failed to load the page’s menus. After hours to troubleshooting and searching for answers on countless forums, I finally found a solution…

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Posted in Website Development, WordPress on February 13th, 2014. ⋅ Tagged: , ,

IE7 No Longer Be Supported

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With <1% usage worldwide, MCGWD will officially no longer support Internet Explorer 7. Sites will still render with IE7, but they may not display properly (look pretty) or function exactly like modern browsers do. Note, if your project does require IE7 support for some reason, please let us know up-front. We can still add support for older browsers into new projects, but you will incur extra expenses to do so.

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Removing WP e-Commerce Meta Boxes

We had a very hard time finding any information on removing the meta boxes found when adding and/or editing products using the WP e-Commerce plugin. To keep the WordPress admin panel as simple as possible for our clients, we try to remove all unnecessary and unused options. This reduces their learning curve as-well-as the number of questions that would need to be asked/answered.

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Posted in WordPress on November 10th, 2013.

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