Search Engine Optimization

Have a nice looking website that nobody can find? Our SEO services get you ranked higher in search engines, and will bring traffic to your website through a variety of honest and ethical processes.

The SEO Process

Websites designed by MCGWD are coded from the beginning for optimal performance in search engines for your targeted keywords and phrases. However, if your existing website needs a boost in search rankings, we can help to optimize it.

The following SEO tasks are performed, but are not limited to:

  • Setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Research your relevant keywords and phrases
  • Use relevant title and meta description tags for each page
  • Use semantic markup and optimize header tags
  • Incorporate keywords and keyword rich phrases into your copy
  • Use keywords in URLs and corresponding title attributes
  • Use relevant keywords within image alt attributes
  • Add internal links with SEO friendly anchor text
  • Remove JavaScript and CSS code and place them in external files
  • Compress images and minify CSS and JavaScript files
  • Fix and validate HTML code errors and remove unnecessary tags
  • Check for broken links and setup 301 redirects as needed
  • Force www or non-www domain redirects
  • Add a SSL certificate and force HTTPS
  • Add Open Graph meta tags to home page
  • Provide a XML sitemap and a robots.txt file
  • Submit sitemap to the major search engines
  • Setup and enable gzip compression
  • Add expires headers and leverage browser caching
  • Setup page caching for WordPress and dynamic sites

Notice: If we design your website there is no charge for any of the above services as it is included in the development of your site.

Search Engines

Need Your Website Optimized?

To discuss how we can help increase the search rankings and/or improve the performance (speed) of your website, please contact us. We’ll send you a complementary website audit report with recommendations for improving your placement in search results.