Website Updates

There is nothing worse then visiting a site that contains outdated information since it hasn’t been updated in years. To avoid this problem we can add or update information to your website and make cosmetic changes to it at an affordable rate. For a complete redesign of your current site please request a quote.

Website Accessibility Services

Need to update your website so that it complies with the U.S. Government’s accessibility guidelines per Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments and/or the WAI Guidelines per the W3C? We can assess your website and make the appropriate changes to assure compliance.

A few benefits of an accessible website are:

  • Increased usability for those with disabilities
  • Increase your audience / customer base through ease of use
  • Increased support for mobile devices other than standard web browsers (e.g.: Smart phones, tablets, etc.)
  • An accessible website is usually more search engine friendly
  • Decrease the threat of being sued for discrimination
Website Accessibility Compliance
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Website Management

If you are looking for a company to manage updates and maintain your existing site we can negotiate an economical solution that will meet your needs.

Additional Content & Features

Please note that many features can be added to your existing site to improve its content and keep visitors coming back. Some features to consider are slideshows, picture galleries, search capabilities, contact and registration forms, weather forecasts, event calendars, shopping carts, financial calculators, blogs and much more.

If you see something on the web you like, make sure you ask us about incorporating it into your site. Contact us today for a free site evaluation.

Need Your Website Updated?

Do you need a new feature added to your website, accessibility compliance, or maybe some simple updates and/or maintenance? Contact us today for a free site evaluation.